Home Is Where You’re Happy In Mind, Body, & Soul

Home Is Where You’re Happy In Mind, Body, & Soul

What makes a house a home? It’s different for everybody, but most can agree that happiness comes from within and that home is where you find your inner peace. There are certain things that can make your home your sanctuary; one of them can be having the ability to stay healthy and fit. If you’re a parent, having the ability to occupy your kids while letting them burn off some of their energy might take precedence over everything else. It might be a challenge staying healthy while also taking care of the kids. The task of getting to a fitness facility is more of a battle than the actual work out. This is why community condos, such as Compass 19, are a great choice for families.

Not only are these homes state of the art with open living spaces, but the amenities provide residents with a lifestyle that makes staying healthy a lot easier. Can you think of anything better  than stepping out of your home and into a fitness facility just steps from your door? These facilities are complete with weights, machines, cardio equipment and even a climbing rope; you can work out day or night. What makes it even better for parents is that there is an adjacent playroom behind a wall of glass where your kids can play under the watchful eye of mom or dad, while they get their endorphins pumping. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

When kids burn off energy and parents get some time to themselves, everyone is happier and healthier, and a happy home is the best kind of home. No more missing out on seeing your family after work because you have to go to the gym first or having to leave home and sit in traffic to get to the gym. Statistics show that those who have home gym equipment or a fitness facility close-by work out more steadily. Let’s face it, staying in shape can be hard and can fall by the wayside when other obligations make it impossible to fit it in, but if you deduct the commute and have the ability to squeeze it in at any time, you are more apt to stay on schedule.

Compass 19 is a community dedicated to the ease of living. Created to give you the best of both worlds, by having your own detached living space while also enjoying the amenities of a resort. With everything from a swimming pool to fire pits, a pool table, outdoor games and even kayaking, it’s a world within itself. Fellowship with your  neighbors or relax by yourself with a book; the choice is yours, but having the choice is what it’s all about.

Community living is the new way to live, balancing life and reducing the little stresses that can weigh you down. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to keep your mind, body and soul in sync by enjoying the company of other people, staying active and having some time to yourself. Compass 19 gives you all of that and more with the life you’ve been searching for.