Learn How To Relax

Learn How To Relax with Compass 19

Relaxing sounds easy, but for some people, it actually takes some effort. That may sound counter-intuitive, but when you’re always on the go and under stress, relaxing might take the back burner. You might even find it impossible to relax even when you have the time.

When your body and mind are so wound up, it can be hard to wind down. The body naturally wants to stay on the track it’s on, just like a train. Once that train is barreling down the track, stopping or changing direction takes thought and effort. The same is true for the body. So how do you relax?

Your home should be your sanctuary and the one place where you can let loose and chill out. The first step is to declutter your mind. That means delegating some tasks to others. If you live in a community development such as Compass 19, things like property maintenance, mowing the lawn, shoveling show and more are handled by onsite personnel. That alone gives you hours and hours of free time.

Now that some tasks removed from your to-do list, you should already feel less stressed and ready to relax. At Compass 19, you can take a swim in the pool or sunbathe on the sun deck. The sun provides the body with Vitamin D, essential to healthy bones, teeth, nervous system, lung and cardiovascular health; it also regulates insulin.

Spending time with friends is another excellent health booster. Being social increases endorphins and lowers stress levels. Playing games together and laughing takes this benefit to a whole new level. At Compass 19, indoor and outdoor community games are available to residents to enjoy together. Play a round of pool or get outside and enjoy a game of cornhole or some other fun games. You can even throw a party in the clubhouse for all your neighbors!

Doing nothing is one of the best ways to relax, especially in a pleasant environment such as sitting by a fire pit or hanging out in the clubhouse at Compass 19. Toast marshmallows over an open fire, make some smores or just chat with friends for a relaxing evening.

Fitness is another great stress reliever. While it may seem like it requires effort, it pays off in the end. Working out on a regular basis boosts endorphins, lowers weight and blood pressure and has cardiovascular benefits. With a fitness facility right on the premises, Compass 19 makes it easy for residents to stay fit without the hassle of driving to a gym and paying fitness facility fees. You can take your fitness ambitions outdoors for the added benefits of fresh air and sunshine, with water access and kayaking just steps from your front door.

They say home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like Compass 19 in Virginia Beach that has the potential to boost your heart health. With ultra modern homes, open floor plans, and amenities designed to relax and reinvigorate you; it’s resort style living at its best that feels more like a vacation from life.