Is Resort Style Living For You?

You know the feeling, you go on vacation and find everything you love to do right at your doorstep – the pool, fitness center, firepits, games, water sports and more. Even more appealing is the fact that for that short period of time you don’t have to worry about your chores at home. You know, those nagging things that need to be done on a regular basis like mowing the lawn, regular home repairs and maintenance.

What if that amazing resort wasn’t actually a vacation but it was your residence? It can be with resort style living communities like Compass19 where you get the same amenities as a resort but you never have to leave home. Imagine never having to worry about a clogged toilet or broken garbage disposal. No more home improvement worries because it’s all taken care of. And because you live there, you get all the comforts of home that a vacation could never provide. Entertain friends and family, go to your favorite restaurants or shop at your favorite retail locations. Your life becomes so much more balanced.

Benefits of Resort Style Living:

Less Stress

Longevity is all about stress reduction. You can exercise, eat a healthy diet and get regular checkups to increase your time on this earth, but the stress of everyday living can work against you. Imagine coming home to your own private oasis and taking a deep breath. Live longer with resort style living.

Save Money

Think about the money you spend on regular maintenance and home repairs in a year. Eliminate those fees and spend the money on yourself instead.

Increase Your Social Life

When you live in a community there’s always someone around to talk to, hang out with or throw parties with. The best part, no one has to drive home afterward.

Get Fit While The Kids Play

Half the battle of working out is getting to the gym, but what if the gym was right outside your door, and better yet, what if there was a playroom for your kids nearby? How fit would you be?

Go To The Movies

Love watching movies on the big screen, but hate the lines? Well, step outside your door and sit beneath the stars while watching your favorite movies in theater style seats on a movie theater screen.

You Don’t Have To Wait Until Retirement To Enjoy Life

Most people can’t wait to retire so they can kick back and enjoy life. Why wait? Enjoy it now while the living is good.


For those in Norfolk, Virginia, Compass19 provides that resort style community you’ve been hearing about. With a pool, fitness center, kids play room, community fire pits, water sports, an outdoor kitchen, community games and a clubhouse, you get a resort style life with home repairs and maintenance included. What’s even better is that you’re living close to many attractions, historical sites, retail stores, restaurants, and more!

Resort-style living appeals to everyone from millennials to baby boomers. Compass19 has everything you’re looking for. Come by and check us out!