The Grass Is Always Greener At Compass 19

The Grass Is Always Greener At Compass 19
It’s a sunny Saturday morning and as sweat pours from your brow you make the final pass on your lawn. Ouch! Was that a mosquito that just bit you or was it a bee? As you swat it away, a bad odor reaches your nose and it only takes a step to realize that squishy feeling under your foot can only mean one thing! Better get that pooper scooper out of the garage when you put away your lawn mower. But wait, you still have to vacuum the pool and clear the gutters of all those leaves. Fall is on the way.

If that’s how you spend your weekends, you’re doing it all wrong. 

As you remove your shoe while trying not to gag, your friend rides by on his bicycle. Tanned and vibrant, he smiles as you scrape the remains of your dog’s poop off your shoe. He’s on his way home to a pool party then an outdoor movie at dusk after some toasted marshmallows by the fire pit, and he doesn’t have to lift a finger. His pool is already vacuumed and his lawn is already mowed. He just rode to the local supermarket to pick up some sunscreen and some marshmallows, and he’s all set for a fun weekend.
So what’s the difference between you and your friend? You’re both homeowners, yet he seems stress free and is having all the fun. The answer is simple! He lives at Compass 19, where owning a home doesn’t mean a lifetime of taking care of it. This community style living offers the best of both worlds. He’s making payments toward his own investment, while enjoying the amenities of living at a resort.
With a pool and tanning shelf, water sports that include kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, a fitness center with rock wall, outdoor games, and even an outdoor movie theater, home owners at Compass 19 are living their best life. Most homeowners are on their own when it comes to landscaping, pool upkeep and home repairs, spending weekdays working to support their home and weekends working to maintain it.
Today’s new way of living is all about actually living, and the homes at Compass 19 rival the best free-standing homes in the neighborhood. With multi-levels, attached garages, patios or decks, wood floors, granite countertops, open floor plans and more, you’ll find the home of your dreams with Compass 19. Floor plan options range from two to three bedrooms and baths with luxurious master suites.
There are those that say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and never get to experience those results for themselves. With Compass 19, it’s most certainly true. With a maintenance team to take out the trash and cut the grass, residents at Compass 19 are surrounded by well kept grounds and beautiful landscaping with upscale homes in a community atmosphere. It’s all about work/life balance where you really can have it all. One of the newest communities in Hampton Roads, Compass 19  has become a favorite for anyone wanting to live on the Peninsula.